General Information

Gate Access Fobs

  • The community entry gates for both vehichle and pedestrian traffic, as well as the main gate for the clubhouse are activated by Fobs or Cards.  Fobs and Cards can be obtained by contacting our HOA management company (see mgmnt company info below).  Two Fobs per household is the standard. 
  • Visitors and service providers can be granted access through the call box located outside each gate. The operation is as follows;
    • Visitor inputs the numerical code assigned to you
    • The phone that you associated with your code will ring
    • The two-way communication will enable your visitor will tell you they are at the gate. 
    • You acknowledge vocally and then press the number "9" on your phone pad to open the gate for them and then hang up.
  • If you wish to change the phone number associated with your designeated call box code you can make that request through our HOA Management Company (see contact info below)
  • All gate activity is recorded in a data base tagged to the Fob owner and their assigned resident call box code.


Trash Pick Up

  • Sarasota County provides trash services currently contracted with Waste Management (WM)
  • Trash bins must be used and purchased privately.  
  • Recycling is mandatory and bins must be obtained from WM.
  • Pick-up of trash and recycling is done weekly, with the current schedule set for each Thursday  unless otherwise announced on WM website (please note that holiday weeks may impact the pickup schedule for those weeks)


Board of Directors

  • There are three members of the HOA Board of Directors. These members are nominated and elected by residents of Caribbean Village. The current 2019 board members are:
    • George Sites - President (Goombay Ct)
    • Ken Brinton  (Goombay Ct)
    • June McCoy (Yellowtail Ct)
  • Residents may contact the Board through email at


Property Management Company


Estoppel Certificates

  • Estoppel Certificates are verified and distributed by Lighthouse Property Management company, Venice FL office at 

    530 US Highway 41 Bypass S #18b
    Venice, FL 34285
    P (941) 460-5560
    You can request these online at their "Contact Us" web page linked HERE


Financial Reports

  • Financial reports for the HOA and all sanctioned committees will be provided upon request.
  • Requests should be made to Lighthouse Property Management by filling out the form on THIS WEB PAGE